Our private hire packages

Cinestock have been providing private hire packages since we started some 5 years ago, now 60% of our screenings are private hire packages, meaning we have a vast experience when it comes to undertaking outdoor and drive-in cinema events. 

From garden parties, weddings, exhibitions, corporate events, nightclubs, festivals, universities, silent cinemas, international and indoor venue screenings, we’ve done them all over the years. Our equipment is cutting edge and comprises of world leading air screens, alongside cinema quality projection and sound. 

Its advance design means quick load in periods, easy and light weight travel ability is great for international screenings and for transportation on flights. 

Whatever your requirements when it comes to open air or indoor screenings we’ve got you covered, no need to pull from a variety of suppliers when you have everything you need under one roof with Cinestock UK.

Our Equipment: 


We have been providing open air screenings of our own and for clients for the last 5 years using the highest quality screens and projectors. Our equipment consists of the world’s leading air screens, which are perfect for museums, galleries and prestigious venues. Due to their simple air design and lack of structural frames, they require no long build in times, guaranteeing no damage to surroundings at the same time.

Our largest screens are 20 feet x 11 feet (this is the size of the actual picture), we do have smaller screens if required. Their construction and design ensure no risk of damage due to being free standing and super light. We also use wireless lighting systems to light up backdrops or the inside of the venue to enhance the atmosphere on the nights

Standard Hire Package:


1 x World leading air screen
1 x 1080p HD 3D High lumen Projector
1 X 2K Minimum Sound Package including all power and sound leads
1 X Blu Ray DVD Player
1 x Mixing desk (giving option for more input channels for sound tracks or live music)
1 x Basic outdoor wireless lighting pack
1 x Waterproof power leads pack  
1 x Technical person onsite for duration of event
1 x Setup & pack down team on the evening

(Everything you need to produce a world class open air screening)

Extra’s We Can Provide:

On top of our basic packages we can also provide you with a variety of extras to enhance your event or to suit the needs of your audience or venue requirements and restrictions. These can vary from the providing of live music performers of any genre or style from solo artists to world class and performing orchestras. 

We can also provide DJ’s from wedding to world renowned and even arrange a pre film or post film performance by the world number one Video DJ Beat A Maxx, a stand up performance by one of many UK leading comedians before you hit play on the film. All of these additions can be included in your package at additional costs. 

We also can provide additional production elements including; extra outdoor lighting, 3D building projections, video production for on screen presentations or sponsors advertising, silent cinema packages using wireless headphones. We can also provide toilets, bean bags, deck chairs or air chairs all very popular additions for city centre screenings or any screening where your audience will be travelling by public transport or the venue does not provide or have infrastructure for these elements.

Important Information:


Our very competitive package pricing will enable you to host your own Open Air Cinema events; it makes an interesting and financially viable option for venues, who may have thought it was not financially viable before.

Our air screens take minutes to inflate and the whole cinema can be set up in an hour if needed and packed away just as quick. This means there would be minimal disruption to the general public admission on the day of the event. 

With Cinestock proven track record of providing world class production in cinema nights, alongside our equipment that suits the environments that we work in and complies with restrictions that museums, galleries, castles and high profile venues may and can have. 

You can rest assured when it comes to outdoor and indoor screenings you’ve come to the right place, please use the contact us form on this site for any questions or enquiries regards a screening at your venue or event.